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WebHost Changes

Dear valued customers,


As we made our changes to the new Webhost, please note that you may encounter small downtimes while the propagation is ongoing.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.




Web Admin




Minor changes to the Website

1) Contact form updated

  • Added Customer’s Feedback as a dropdown selection
  • Added in Contact Details for Customer Service & Tech Support

2) Sales Policy Added

3) TnCs Removed

* New Yishun — NorthPoint Outlet — 29 Aug 15

Happy New Year 2016 to all your friends & family !

Hi friends, you can also find us @ NorthPoint #03-36/37/38 from 29 Aug 2015 onwards ! 🙂

This is just a soft opening of our new outlet and we are still updating the layout and stocks will be more complete days to come.

Thank you for your support.

Cloning the Beta Eshop into the space here

The Eshop on Beta mode will be implemented shortly.


It will take a space in the main site here under the main menu.


It is on its own separate subdomain for now, with limited products to choose from.


Please visit directly or

Click on the Menu –> Eshop


More products will be launching soon in time to come!

VPS location shift from Dallas to SG — 00:00 23rd Mar 14!

Planned migration scheduled for Sunday — 00:00 23rd Mar 14.


Expected date of completion : 24th Mar 14 morning.


Propagation starts from 24th Mar 14 due to Domain name ip address changes — effective only once we informed our Domain registrar during their office hours on Monday.


Thank you for your understanding.




VPServer move to another Webhost …

… first based in Dallas, Texas.  We will shift to SG Node once they get it ready and officially launched.


Moving to a faster pingtime host with better speed!  Aiming to provide you with almost seamless access for our future plans.


We hope to make the whole migration process smooth, without much hiccups.


Migration details :

Note :

Will take 12 hours to 24 hours for the migration by the webhosting team, hopefully propagation of the new webhost will complete within the next 24 hours too.


Planned Date & Time — GMT +8

Start :

Date : Friday 20th Sep 2013

Time : TBA


Completion :

Date : Saturday 21st Sep 2013

** Bear with us for the issues during propagation! 🙂


DNS Propagation Completed fully :

Date : Wednesday 25th Sep 13


Thank you for your kind understanding and patience!



Webhost Management Team

Cybermind Computer House Pte Ltd

Scheduled Server Maintenance + PHP 5.3 related Server upgrade. Completed!

11-11-12, 07:10am :

Server maintenance scheduled by our Webhost
– happening right now (may be already completed if you see the site up).

Requested server upgrade for PHP5.3 to be conducted soon.


Update 11-11-12, 22:20pm:

Server back up.. running full force.

Contact US form – back @ Work

Contact form back in full force.  ACTION!


Please feel free to send in your queries through the form.


30Aug-02Sept Retail Closed for COMEX2012

Hi Friends,

our retail will not be operating from 30Aug till 02Sept2012 as we will be @ COMEX2012.

You can find us @ the following booth to get your loots :

1. Booth 6868 : Cybermind own booth :
SanDisk / Seagate / WD / SSD / Microsoft Windows / Microsoft Office / Microsoft Hardwares / CoolerMaster Notepal / CMStorm keyboards / CMStorm Mouse / CMStorm Headset

2. Booth 6251 : NORTON main booth,

3. Booth 6346 : Seagate main booth,

4. Booth 8101B : Canon main booth (inkjet printers)

5. Booth 6471 : Wacom TabletsAny enquiries : please email you @ our booths in COMEX2012 and back to retail in Sim Lim Square on 03 September 2012 Monday.

Server Migration — Saturday 14th July Midnight

Dear all stakeholders,


You may have noticed some downtimes in the site.


We are working on improving the accessibility of


Our webhost will be moving our VPS to another server over the weekend, so it would be down for a few days and back up on Monday Morning.


Date/Time Starting : 14th July 12, Saturday, 00:00

Expected End of Server Migration : 15th July 12, Sunday, 00:00

Expected Site up by : 16th July, Monday, AM (IP changes to be initialised with our Domain Registrar)


All timings stated are GMT+8.


Thank you for your patience.



Web Management Team