VPServer move to another Webhost …

… first based in Dallas, Texas.  We will shift to SG Node once they get it ready and officially launched.


Moving to a faster pingtime host with better speed!  Aiming to provide you with almost seamless access for our future plans.


We hope to make the whole migration process smooth, without much hiccups.


Migration details :

Note :

Will take 12 hours to 24 hours for the migration by the webhosting team, hopefully propagation of the new webhost will complete within the next 24 hours too.


Planned Date & Time — GMT +8

Start :

Date : Friday 20th Sep 2013

Time : TBA


Completion :

Date : Saturday 21st Sep 2013

** Bear with us for the issues during propagation! 🙂


DNS Propagation Completed fully :

Date : Wednesday 25th Sep 13


Thank you for your kind understanding and patience!



Webhost Management Team

Cybermind Computer House Pte Ltd

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